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Dance possesses a magical, transcendent quality that moves us all,
without regard for language, culture, station in life or limitations.
It can add wonder to the most common event,
and excitement to an ordinary evening.
But most of all, it can reach those who are considered unreachable.
Grand_Prix_2019_Tuuli Harju - Finland

We are inviting dancers, choreographers, and teachers of different dance genres to join our team of specialists, who are working to develop inclusive dance in the UK – dance involving people with and without disabilities. You can put on dance productions, teach dance pieces to people with disabilities; hold master classes; or dance in an inclusive dance pair. You will gain invaluable professional experience and will be invited to participate in our Inclusive Dance Festivals, at the end of which you will receive a letter of thanks from the Festival’s Organizing Committee and certificates of attendance for all participants. You can also join us if you don’t have any dance training but would like to learn to dance. Send your application in your preferred format to

Aims and objectives of Inclusive Dance UK

To support people with disabilities who are involved in various forms of dance.

To provide an opportunity for disabled children and young people and adults to socialize with non-disabled peers.

To initiate a volunteer movement that uses different types of dance to integrate disabled people into society.

To develop different types and forms of inclusive dance based on people with and without disabilities dancing together.

To promote a positive image of socially active disabled people and the volunteers who help them.

To assist upward mobility of people with disabilities and volunteers.

To stimulate the activity of volunteer organizations and creative teams who help disabled people and create conditions for their social integration.

To coordinate activity of inclusive dance groups and experts from different parts of the United Kingdom, exchange of experience, realization of projects and objectives created by working together.


The main goals of Inclusive Dance UK are:

• To coordinate activity of inclusive dance groups and experts from different parts of the United Kingdom, exchange of experience, realization of projects and objectives created by working together;

• To give organizational and methodological aid to inclusive dance groups or social oriented non-profit organizations, that develop inclusive dance and dance rehabilitation;

• To analyse, discuss and systematize the proposals of experts, specialists, and leaders of inclusive dance groups or social oriented non-profit organisations working to develop inclusive dance and dance rehabilitation, elaboration of avenues of joint activity based on voluntary self-organisation, cooperation with governmental and local authorities;

• To make informational and organizational conditions to consolidate and develop infrastructure on inclusive dance and dance rehabilitation all over the world, to make a system of events and programs, providing their support.

For more information

Call Ray Bulpitt : +44 782 820 1044




Para Dance Sport Training Day

Saturday 27TH July 2024

Inclusive Dance UK  would like to invite you to attend our Para Dance Sport Training Day developed especially for
coaches and athletes. This training provides comprehensive World Para Dance Sport technique and practical
application for coaches and dancers, who are eager to develop and improve their skills to practice and teach Para Dance Sport.
Our training allows coaches to work together with their athletes under our supervision.
The course will be conducted by a team of Inclusive Dance UK Para Dance Sport specialists.
If you are interested in participating, please submit the below form for the course, fully completed including any necessary attachments, to

Programme dates:

  •    Arrival date:                   27 July 2024 – check in at 10:30am for 11:00am start
  •    Time:                               10.00am – 16.00pm

Programme location :         


Para Dance Sport Training Day

Saturday 27TH July 2024

Lostock High School, Selby Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 9PL

Arrival information: Turn onto Selby Road and drive past the main school entrance for approximately 100m until you reach the junction of Ripon Road. There you will see an open green gate on the left-hand side. Drive in and follow the road curving to the Left that will take you to the entrance to the parking area adjacent to the Sport Hall Entrance.

Participant fee:                      £15.00

Please make payment via the payment link on the Inclusive Dance UK website.

Nearest international airport:  Manchester International Airport.
We recommend the use of comfortable clothes and dance shoes.
Feel free to contact the organisers for information about accommodation.

 Application form


We are an We are an association of over 1000 inclusive dancers.
 2015 – The birth of the WIDA

World Inclusive Dance Association was established on June 28, 2015 by the decision of the founders of the Association:
Leonid Tarasov (Russia),
Raymond Bulpitt (Great Britain),
Corrie van Hugten (The Netherlands),
organizers of well-known international inclusive events.

The aim of the Association is to develop inclusive dance around the world;
to organize festivals open to people with different types of disabilities and dancing volunteers;
to create friendly communication between people and intercultural exchange between countries.
June 17-19, the Open Inclusive Dance Festival was held in Vienna and Bratislava together with Vera Reible (Austria), Igor Jaegersky and Stefan Tvorozhek (Slovakia).
New formats of inclusive events were created and implemented.
New members of the organisation were accepted from inclusive groups.
Inclusive dance associations were established in Italy and the Netherlands.
On December 1, a unique international online show, Inclusive Dance World Vision, was held, which brought together 39 dance groups from 29 countries.
In December 2020, representatives of 15 more countries joined the Association.
Visit the WIDA website:







Call Ray
+44 782 820 1044