This October 2021 Inclusive Dance UK

in partnership with the World Inclusive Dance Association,

 will hold the British Open Inclusive Dance Festival!

Inclusive Dance UK, Strictly Wheelchair Dancing and World Inclusive Dance Association invite you to the British Open Inclusive Dance Festival!

The festival is dedicated to the promotion of International Collaboration in Inclusive Dance. We will be happy to unite with participants from all countries in this inclusive dance event!

Our two days of dance will include: couples and singles in Ballroom, Latin American in real time. Teams and Showdance will be held with pre recorded submissions online.

The skill of our participants, will be evaluated by the experienced international panel of Adjudicators. The winners of the online competition will receive electronic diplomas, and all competitors and teams will receive a certificate of participation.

We are an association of over 1000 inclusive dancers.

2015 - The birth of the WIDA

World Inclusive Dance Association was established on June 28, 2015 by the decision of the founders of the Association: Leonid Tarasov (Russia), Raymond Bulpitt (Great Britain), Corrie van Hugten (The Netherlands), organizers of well-known international inclusive events.

The aim of the Association is
  • to develop inclusive dance around the world;
  • to organize festivals open to people with different types of disabilities and dancing volunteers;
  • to create friendly communication between people and intercultural exchange between countries.


On June 17-19, the Open Inclusive Dance Festival was held in Vienna and Bratislava together with Vera Reible (Austria), Igor Jaegersky and Stefan Tvorozhek (Slovakia).


New formats of inclusive events were created and implemented.
New members of the organization were accepted from inclusive groups.
Inclusive dance associations were established in Italy and the Netherlands.


On December 1, a unique international online show, Inclusive Dance World Vision, was held, which brought together 39 dance groups from 29 countries.

In December 2020, representatives of 15 more countries joined the Association.

Visit the WIDA website: